Revolutionizing transportation efficiency with sustainable energy solutions

What is REEFERS?

Reefers is an early-stage clean-tech startup focused on creating sustainable energy solutions for the heavy-duty transportation industry. Our innovative aftermarket product is designed to increase fuel efficiency without adding weight to the vehicle, helping businesses to reduce their shipping costs while promoting sustainable practices.

What REEFERS Technologies stands to do for you

An exhaust pipe of a heavy-duty truck underneath it's side view, on a brick road

Engine Energy Recovery

Our solution harnesses waste engine heat and converts it into usable energy, reducing the load on the vehicle’s alternator and improving fuel efficiency.

The steering of a vehicle with the driver's hand in view

Smart Energy Management

Our technology intelligently manages energy usage, ensuring that the vehicle’s electrical systems operate at peak efficiency while minimising waste.

Engine of a vehicle opened up

Simple Installation

Our lightweight and compact system can be easily installed on most heavy-duty vehicles without requiring any major modifications or downtime.

A smiling man standing in front of a heavy-duty truck

Transform transportation with sustainable solutions

Join Reefers to empower your business and pave the way for a greener, more profitable future.